Content Marketing Assessment

In order to improve your digital content marketing strategy, it is important to perform a thorough assessment of what is already in place for your organization. What’s working? What could be edited, improved or optimized?

Electric Lemonade’s content marketing assessment will allow your organization to obtain a high level understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital content and how it measures up to that of your competitors.

We will suggest ways to enrich your content strategy and draft up a content strategy roadmap that explains in detail how to bolster your digital content campaign.

Our monthly content marketing services include a comprehensive content assessment and creation of a content roadmap.

Content Marketing Roadmap

Improving your existing content or crafting a new content marketing strategy requires extensive research and a deep analysis of your audience and competition. We use this information to create a content roadmap.

A content roadmap is just like it sounds: it’s a point-by-point plan for getting the best content online at the right time for your organization. We break it down into specific three-, six- or 12-month goals. Content strategy roadmaps can be created for individual projects or for the growth of your business as a whole.

Your content roadmap will include a list of carefully researched topics to craft content about and detailed instructions for the editor of your copy that cover things like the voice and tone, persona, audience, and long-term objectives. Content roadmaps can include written, visual, video and super credible content objectives.

The development of a content strategy roadmap requires a number of upfront one-on-one phone interviews to aid our writers in getting to the heart of your business and your growth goals.