What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the vision that drives the story you tell your prospective clients online. Having a content strategy in place will make sure that all of the content you share is relevant, timely and, ultimately, effective in growing your business.

A solid content strategy should include:

  • Written website content
  • Compelling visual content for social media and the web
  • A corresponding Google AdWords campaign
  • Timely and engaging social media posts

Your content strategy cannot be created in a vacuum.

It’s imperative that you do a little “brand searching” to make sure you’re sending the message you want to send. You have to know your company, know your customers and know your competitors.

That’s where Electric Lemonade comes in.

We have built our business around understanding the marketplaces in which our clients live. We do extensive research on competitors, customers and our clients to get straight to the heart of their desired marketing message.

We’ve had tremendous success on behalf of clients in various industries by staying on top of trends in our industry.