MirandaWarning.org: 400,000 Page Views in 12 Months

Since much of our work has focused on legal content, we wanted to gain a better understanding of how those arrested for crimes search for help on Google. Our plan was to create an extremely niche-specific website about one popular legal topic.


Create a massive educational website that would rank exceptionally well in the search results and attract high-quality, authoritative links and traffic from all over the web.


We built a new site around the term “Miranda warning” and created content specific to this topic. We dug deep, finding information and researching facets of Miranda rights that are not often (if ever) discussed.

We also created an infographic to complement the written content. It is also searchable through Google image search.

Finally, we invited attorneys to join the site and contribute their opinions and knowledge with one-on-one interviews to further grow the published information.


MirandaWarning.org has generated over 400,000 page views since January 2015. It ranks second for the search terms “Miranda warning” and “Miranda rights.” Yahoo News, The New York Times, and many other major media outlets have linked to or referenced this website within their articles.

The infographic ranks within the top of the search results for both “Miranda warning” and “Miranda rights.”

Services Utilized
  • Creative

  • SEO

  • Content Strategy