Robinson & Associates: Measurable Returns on Investment for Five Years and Running

Bruce Robinson, founder and principal attorney of The Law Offices of Robinson & Associates in Maryland, is a well-known defense attorney, legal author and educator who has represented several high-profile clients throughout his extensive career.


Mr. Robinson was looking to increase the number of quality leads coming from his online marketing efforts. He emphasized the importance of seeing measurable results—in other words, he wanted to know that he was getting a strong return on his investment.


Electric Lemonade designed and built a new website from the ground up that would help Mr. Robinson and his firm generate new legal prospects through quality written, audio and visual content.

We also created a content calendar and began conducting regular phone interviews with Mr. Robinson and his legal team in order to continually develop rich content that would provide value to both his website and his potential clients.

As we do with all clients, we set up unique tracking phone numbers and online forms to capture lead information as well as a dashboard monitoring system that Mr. Robinson could access 24/7 to see live results of his campaign.


Mr. Robinson has retained Electric Lemonade as his online marketing provider for five years and counting and continues to see excellent return on his investment month after month.

Services Utilized
  • Creative

  • SEO

  • Content Strategy