What your clients say about your organization is more valuable than anything your organization says or writes about itself.
– Wayne Shifflett

What is Super Credible Content?

Internet reviews published by your customers or clients on Google and social media are examples of super credible content. Other forms of super credible content could be testimonials and case studies based on your customers and clients’ experiences. Other forms of super credible content can be created with or without the help of your clients’ feedback, such as whitepapers, digital books, and other digital downloads.

Your Potential Clients and Customers Are Savvy
Your organization’s reputation depends heavily on super credible content across third party websites AND your website. Online users are performing their own independent due diligence before they decide who to buy a service or product from. Your super credible content and reputation is the measuring stick that allows online users to make informed decisions.

Trust Factor Content Strategy
Creating super credible content and directing your satisfied clients to submit online reviews requires a strategy that will validate your organization’s trustworthiness.