Images are (Almost) Everything

Visual content is anything other than the words on your website. More specifically, it is the photos, graphics and images that are on each page.

Visuals Attract Attention

The data surrounding visual content is eye opening:

  • Content with supportive images is viewed 94% more than written content alone.
  • Users are 80% more likely to read something if it accompanied by a colorful visual.

Even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming predominantly image-based. In fact, 63% of social media content is visual and over half of all Internet users have posted photos or videos that they have created.

What does this mean for your business?

In order to attract new clients and customers online, it is essential to meet them where they are.

Strategy You Can See

Just uploading a few photos to your site is not going to generate new customers or clients.

Your visual content should complement what’s written. Our team of designers and content strategists will work with you to determine what you need, where it should go and the best time to place it on your site.