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Significant 7-Figure Amount Raised Through Crowdfunding Online


  • Raised a significant 7-figure amount of donations from crowdfunding online.
  • Generated hundreds of thousands of visits to the website.
  • The non-profit was cited by NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, and major magazines like Vogue.
  • Electric Lemonade was successful at securing a significant six-figure grant from Google.
Traffic Increase Over the Years

The Challenge

Racial justice and racial equality are essential for every human being on the planet to thrive.  Unfortunately, the United States’ justice system is very broken and needs a lot of change.  Citizens are falsely accused of crimes, mistreated, abused, neglected, and discriminated against every day in America.

Every citizen in the United States deserves a fair fight to defend themselves against the United State criminal justice system and the Fair Fight Initiative was founded to accelerate racial justice, racial equality, and criminal justice reform.

The Solution

Electric Lemonade was recruited to build the Fair Fight Initiative’s digital presence from the ground up. This included drafting up an extensive content marketing strategy from the ground up.  This started with a content strategy, a new website, an SEO strategy, a Podcast strategy, and an e-mail marketing strategy.

Additional Results

Due to the popularity of this non-profit and the messaging and content created by Electric Lemonade, the United States Government invited Fair Fight to testify in Congress in 2022 with families that lost loved ones at the hands of the American criminal justice system. In addition, one cases that Fair Fight worked on made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

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