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Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the quickest and most cost-effective way to immediately increase revenue for your business or organization. It works by sending highly relevant potential clients and customers who are ready to pay for your services or products to your website.

How It Works

After an online user conducts a Google search, PPC advertisements are the first thing displayed above the Google search results page. These are prominent advertisements that appear in the form of listings and are displayed above the organic search results.

PPC ads allow businesses and organizations of any size to obtain maximum exposure online.

Premium Google Ads Management – Flat Monthly Fees With No Percentage of Monthly Spend

We have no interest in wasting money. Instead, we want to generate the best return for your advertising budget. We can help you determine an effective budget for clicks to obtain your best return on investment. There is also an initial audit and set-up fee that is based on scope of work for your organization.

Unlike other companies that charge a percentage of your ad spend, we charge one flat monthly fee based on the amount of work required to reach your goals and objectives. The monthly fee is also based on your market’s competitiveness, ongoing work involved, and your allocated budget for clicks. We don’t believe in asking for a percentage of your advertising spends like other agencies if it does not financially benefit you.

Initial Google Ads Set-Up

Audit and Interview

Your campaign’s initial set-up includes a full audit and an interview with your business to better understand your long-term goals and objectives.

Extensive Keyword Research

Next, we conduct extensive research to learn more about the needs and behaviors of your audience online. After we have a better understanding of how your audience works, we will conduct deep keyword research to better understand how your potential customers and clients use specific search terms online. Searcher intent is extremely important to garner the best return on your investment with Google Ads.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing who your competitors are and how they are leveraging Google Ads can help you spend less and garner the best return on investment. We perform an in-depth investigation into all your competitors and identify their strategies and weak points.

Ad Creation and Content

Our creative writing team crafts compelling ad and landing page content that helps your campaign achieve the absolute best conversion rate.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

Sending traffic to your website is only 50% of the work needed to garner the best conversion rate. The pages we promote with Google Ads need compelling content, appealing visuals, and an exceptional user experience, especially on smartphones. Our creative team of interactive web designers and developers can help you create highly optimized landing pages that deliver the best experience.

Our Monthly Services

Google Ads are not a “one and done” type of advertising model. It requires constant work if you want to make the most of your investment.

Features Included:

Weekly Google Ads Reporting
A detailed report will be delivered weekly that highlights the performance of your campaign.

One Monthly Campaign Strategy Call
A call will be scheduled with your Google Ads campaign strategist and your dedicated Google Ads specialist once a month to review reporting and go over next month’s strategy.

Objective Recommendations That Help You Save Money

Google Ads’ system is automated and extremely subjective to what it deems is the best way to optimize your campaign and spend your advertising dollars. We don’t believe in a subjective bias from Google. We believe in objective recommendations and strategies based on factual data and aligned with your specific goals and objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help you spend the least and maximize the best return from your Google Ads budget.

Weekly access to a Google Certified Professional
You will have direct access to one of our Certified Google Ad professionals by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or concerns about your campaign.

Weekly Google Ads Management and Monitoring
Our team will monitor your campaign daily to make sure the campaign runs smoothly and that your website is always up.

Weekly Google Ads Optimization
Our team will continue to optimize, edit, and refine your Google Ads campaign to deliver the best return.

Weekly Conversion Tracking
Our team will monitor and track phone calls and online form conversions to make sure leads are getting to your team.

Help with Landing Page Content From Our Professional Writing Staff
Edits and refinements to your landing pages for Google Ads may be suggested to improve conversion on your website landing pages. Our content marketing team will continually provide recommendations and can help with making these edits.

• Monthly A/B testing and monitoring for optimal conversion rates for your campaign’s landing pages.

• Advanced Google Ads data mining. We will collect valuable data and insight from your Google Ads campaign to help your organization ideate and curate future content pages and videos based on validated data that shows what online users are searching for and interested in.  Your organization no longer will be throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

Overspending and Under Tracking

95% of the businesses and organizations we audit are overspending by thousands of dollars each month and not properly monitoring their campaigns or tracking the important metrics.

Below Are Some of the Most Common Reason People Waste Money With Google Ads

• The company managing Google Ads is not skilled enough.

• No one is effectively measuring the campaign.

• The website that you are sending click traffic to is not optimized for conversion. It could be the website content, the user experience on the website, the visuals, and many other variables.

• The key phrases being purchased are not intent-driven. Very often people do not monitor the intent of the key phrases being purchased.  They will also forget to use negative key phrases.

Click Fraud Protections

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced and automated, Google advertisers are noticing lot more click fraud attempts. In the early days of Google Ads, everyone assumed that ironclad measures were in place to prevent fraudulent clicks, but nowadays, click fraud protections are absolutely essential to protect your business. From click bots, to competitors clicking on your ads, Electric Lemonade will protect your budget from malicious intent.

Diversification of Google Ads and Organic Search Engine Optimization

Since only 10% of all of the search volume on comes from Google Ads, and 90% of the search volume comes from the organic Google engine search results, it may also be a good time to consider diversify your spending to obtain the best return on investment.  There is great value to organic search engine optimization and Google Ads together.

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