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As consumer behavior has changed in the world of online marketing, one thing has become clear: podcasts are the new blogs. Don’t get us wrong, blogs still serve a vital role in giving your customers engaging content that they can share and engage with. But with podcasts, you give your brand’s voice a literal voice, offering a convenient and accessible way for listeners to engage with your brand. And much like how blogs offer a diverse range of formats, a podcast can be anything from interviews to stories to spoken-word essays. You can monetize a podcast through sponsorships, merchandising and more, much like a blog, but with a voice and tone that cultivates true connection.

What Can Your Podcast Do for You?

Few other avenues offer the kind of personal, intimate connection with an audience that podcasts can. The emotion you convey as you speak, the subtle pauses as you accentuate a point, the tone you take, all come together to create a more fully rounded voice for your brand. And when listeners hear that voice, they connect with your brand on an entirely different level.

But it’s more than just the connections you can create. Through a podcast, you can set your brand apart as a true thought leader and authority. By offering a unique perspective, bringing on influential guests in your industry and educating your audience, your brand’s reach and reputation can soar, proving you as a true authority worth listening to.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Reach and Brand Awareness: Engaging content creates its own audience, and within that audience are countless potential clients and customers. Keeping a consistent schedule and promoting your podcast across platforms helps boost that signal, reaching even further.

Thought Leadership and Expertise: As hosts of a podcast, you position your brand as true authority. Your insights become the roadmap to success. The trends you identify become the ones other brands follow. In short, you become the voice of your industry.

Building Relationships and Engagement: Listeners tend to interact with their favorite podcasts, posing questions on message boards and leaving feedback. By encouraging this back-and-forth, you create a real community, one that is loyal, engaged and connected to your brand.

Promotion: Touting your latest products and services through an advertisement is essentially a one-way street. By using your podcast as a platform for promotion, you have greater ability to convey the benefits your offer, helping to boost interest and growth.

Networking and Partnerships: Collaboration is a cornerstone of podcasts, with regular appearances by experts across your industry allowing for greater opportunities for connection and networking. These mutually beneficial relationships help create partnerships while adding value to both brands.

Content Repurposing: A single podcast episode, or segments from an episode, can be shared wide and far, across social media and blog posts. It may surprise you to learn that one of the places where most podcast listeners tune in is YouTube, opening the door for more repurposing of content through video to boost your signal.

Data and Analytics: When you create a podcast, you’re not just broadcasting out into the ether. You get to track exactly who is listening, how much they’re engaging with your content  and where you can improve, giving you an edge in optimizing your overall marketing strategy.

To put it simply, your podcast can turn a brand into THE brand, the true voice of an industry.

How Can Electric Lemonade Help?

With our suite of podcast production services, all you need to do is step up to the microphone and share your voice with the world. We handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks, from strategy to production management. We find you the guests that will help elevate your show. We edit episodes so your listeners can’t wait to hear the next installment. And we handle promotion, ensuring maximum visibility.

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