Branding Services

What Is Branding And Why Do I Need It?

When you think about branding, you might think about things like colors, logos, fonts, slogans and messaging. These things all play a role in it, to be certain, but to focus on those things misses the greater purpose of branding.

Branding isn’t the story you tell people. It’s the story they tell themselves about you. It’s the feeling they get when they think about your brand – the experience you offer, the impression you make and the trust they feel towards your brand. Shaping that perception, and building that relationship is how the true art of branding is expressed.

Taking a strong psychological approach to branding is what sets Electric Lemonade apart from other agencies and publishing companies. We view branding as an exercise in influence, the subtle (and sometimes overt) ways we evoke emotions and desires, shape perception and effect a lasting impact on the world at large toward your brand. It starts with understanding your target customer’s needs and their sense of identity. From there, we leverage that understanding to shape their perception of your brand, driving engagement and loyalty to new heights.

Our Core Branding Services

The core branding services offered include:

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Brand Messaging and Communication
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Brand Management and Implementation

And while our focus remains on a deeper level of connection between brands and their audience, we understand that the fundamentals of branding need to be executed flawlessly to achieve your goals. That includes elements like:

Your Brand’s Identity:
The key to successful branding is setting your brand apart and creating something that resonates instantly with the world, conveying your personality, identity and values. A professionally designed logo encapsulates that entire identity with one instantly identifiable icon, making it one of the best investments you can make for your brand.

Your Brand’s Voice: This is where we move beyond the logo to a comprehensive blend of the written word, visuals, and both audio and video content that all work in tandem to convey your brand. Powerful writing helps give your brand a voice, creating a consistent message that reaches across slogans, social media, blog posts and promotional copy. Visual elements from color schemes to typographical choices add an easily recognizable visual language, complemented by audio elements like jingles and sound effects, that have an outsized impact on brand recognition. And as the channels we use have evolved, video content and podcasts have created exciting new avenues for telling your story.

These elements all play a role in defining your brand, helping us shape the branding that exists in your customer’s mind. But the key to it all lies in two words: authenticity and humility.

The Authentic and Humble Human Brand

An authentic brand is one that truly lives the story it tells. A genuine expression of your identity, whether it’s through pulling on heartstrings or poking at the funny bone, is critical in creating true connections with your customers. Let other brands inflate bogus claims or strike a trendy pose. Your brand will stand out by keeping it real.

But this authenticity must come from a place of humility. A humble brand is a brand that acknowledges its limitations, and shows willingness to work with its customers in overcoming them. This fosters a sense of participation, even partnership, with customers that set the stage for long-term connections. By remaining authentic and humble, customers become supporters and supporters become advocates, helping to spread your message.

All of these factors play a role in creating your overall brand strategy, the roadmap that takes us from where your brand is now to where it wants to be. A solid brand strategy determines the customers you want to serve, how you will reach them, what kind of experience you want to create for them, and how you’re going to stand apart from the competition.

Bringing all of this together, we give brands all the tools they need to create success in the market. If you’re looking to create a new brand identity or breathe new life into your old one, Electric Lemonade offers something truly refreshing. Schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good match for your brand today!