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For over 20 years Electric Lemonade has been crafting the most powerful and effective Internet marketing campaigns online that achieve long-term goals and objectives for brands of all sizes.

The foundation of any successful Internet marketing campaign that Electric Lemonade has created is extensive research, a rock-solid content strategy, and content creation and marketing that attracts new clients and customers from Google, YouTube, and social media.

All of the services that Electric Lemonade offers rely on effective content and communication. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than just a strategy to attract and retain new clients, customers, followers, and long-term growth. It’s a powerful tool for establishing meaningful relationships and keeping your brand or organization in focus. By carefully planning, producing, publishing, and spreading content across various digital platforms such as search engines, social media, email, video, audio, and podcasts, you create one holistic online presence. But it doesn’t stop there. Your content must consistently strive to deliver exceptional quality and provide immense value that surpasses expectations. This is how you build trust and loyalty among your audience. By truly understanding their needs and challenges, actively listening and empathizing, you can meet them where they are and help them on their journey to resolution.

Content can come in many different formats including:

• Webpages and Blog Posts
• Social Media Content
• Custom Graphics
• Professional Photography
• Professional Videos
• Infographics
• White Papers
• Webinars, Workshops, Online Classes, and more

To achieve success online, your content must be authoritative, well-researched, and presented with purpose, meaning, and creativity. It should rise above the noise and make a lasting impact on your audience, leaving them with a memorable and positive experience. Through content marketing, you have the opportunity to create strong connections, foster healthy relationships, and establish your brand or organizations as a trusted thought leader in the space.

Search Engine Optimization & Website Design

Search engine optimization is a methodology to improve your website’s content visibility on search engines like Google.  Google and other search engines rank the most authoritative and trustworthy content towards the top of the search results. The better the visibility and performance on the search engines, the more your brand will grow.

These core services serve as the roots or foundation for every successful Internet marketing campaign online. At the core of these services is the creation, publication, and promotion of empowering, educational, and enriching content that compels online users stay engaged and to take action.

Website Design

In this faced paced world people want information fast and at their fingertips.  It is estimated that 80-90% of website visits are now from smartphones. When you hire Electric Lemonade to create or redesign your website, it will not only look polished and professional to enhance your brand’s image, but it will also provide an exceptional user interface, user experience, and lighting fast loading speeds for all device types (mobile, desktop and tablet).

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an absolute necessity and lifeline for any successful brand online. With more than 80% of Americans using social media, it is more important than ever to stay relevant and top of mind for your audience. Unfortunately, many brands struggle to create social media content that is engaging and entertaining that increases followers and growth.

Professional Photography and Videography

Our faced paced, visual society makes it nearly impossible to stand out without the use of professional photography and video content.

Professional photography and video content establishes trust and credibility for your brand.

It takes marketing to the next level by introducing your audience to an authentic and sincere personality.  It also bridges a a human connection between your brand and audience.

Online Marketing (Google Ads)

Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest and most cost-effective way to send traffic to your website to increase growth for your brand. To garner the absolute best return on investment from this type of advertising, it is important to work with an agency that is certified and vetted directly from Google. Fortunately, Electric Lemonade is distinguished as a Certified Google Ads Partner. This accreditation is obtained by passing rigorous exams and attending ongoing courses administered by Google.

Professional Copywriting

Professional copywriting is a skill that helps brands tell their story and empower their audience to attract and retain clients and customers.  It is much more than simply words on a webpage or marketing collateral. Instead, professional copywriting is a strategy to lead your audience on a journey that evokes their emotions along the way, which make them stop to listen.  As human beings, we buy with our emotions and justify our actions with logic.  Professional copywriting will catapult your brand to new heights.

Podcast Production

In many ways a Podcast is what the blog used to be a decade go.
Podcasting invites your audience to take a deeper dive into a brand’s world.  It opens up a unique conversation with interesting guests and allows many brands to reach a much larger audience. From initial ideation to guest selection and live Podcast production, Electric Lemonade can help your Podcast reach the masses.

Consulting and Training

Electric Lemonade trains and teaches major bands how to strategize and deploy effective content strategies.

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