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Human Connection, Relationships, and Lasting Trust

Marketing is no longer about marketing your services or products. It is also no longer about selling. Instead, it is now about real human connection, relationships, and experiences. 

Your New Digital Marketing Team Has Arrived

In today’s digital landscape, achieving online success necessitates a proficient digital marketing department capable of crafting impactful content that resonates with the hearts and souls of your audience. This entails cultivating an entire team of adaptable, multidisciplinary professionals who can create compelling content at scale, ultimately generating measurable returns.

For more than 20 years, Electric Lemonade has been that full-service digital marketing and consulting agency, one willing to reach to the soul of what you offer. Our work has helped hundreds of brands reach their goals, secure their online objectives and reap the benefit of our approach. Producing hundreds of millions of dollars in measurable returns for organizations of all sizes, these benefits are undeniable.

Ours is a track record of proven success across business sizes and industries, creating a level of trust that has helped us build decades-long relationships with clients.

Producing Authoritative Thought Leaders

As the wild frontiers of search engine and social media marketing have become tamed, it’s no longer enough for your brand to simply be a part of the conversation. To rise above the noise, your brand or organization needs to emerge from the fray as a true thought leader in your space. That means sharing insight or wisdom that no one else can provide, in an authentic way that will truly resonate with your clients and customers. By establishing yourself as an authoritative source, your content becomes the definite source of wisdom for your industry.

You already have that wisdom. You are already a rock star in your field. You just don’t have the tools to convey that yet. That’s where we come in, distilling down the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of your unique voice into a format that is easy to understand. It’s not about dumbing down a message, it’s about couching it in a compelling way that captures attention and delivers insights which elevate the entire conversation.

Our Core Values





When you work with Electric Lemonade, you can expect a team of humble, authentic, balanced, and passionate individuals that are kind, compassionate, and fun to work with.

Understanding Human Psychology

The heart of what sets Electric Lemonade apart is our approach based on human psychology and human connection. As marketing fundamentally revolves around persuasion, true connection with your audience is essential. We build that connection through a philosophy informed by some of the top authorities in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy and mindfulness.

Our language, our content, connects on a deeper level by design. We have spent decades seeking out the psychological knowledge that helps us understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of your audience. Through these tried and tested methods, we create content that truly resonates and builds emotional trust.

Electric Lemonade’s work has been endorsed and cited by:

Effective Communication

Creating a message that has a real impact and builds meaningful connections is only half the battle. Among the ever-expanding landscape of digital media, there are millions of voices out there all clamoring for attention from the same audience. Even the most well-crafted message can easily be lost in the sea of sameness. We break through by pairing our psychological approach with our dedication to establishing authentic connections between brands and customers.

That means creating a message that is clear, genuine and consistent across any number of digital channels. It means actively listening to what your customers want, speaking to them with compassion and building credibility and trust that lead to long-term relationships.

Extensive Research and Innovation

Writing any kind of story requires extensive research. Writing a story of long-term success, one that elevates the organization telling it, demands not only thorough research, but a relentless hunger to innovate.

Research means digging deep for that one vital insight that can drive decision-making. It means understanding your audience so you can put your focus where it belongs. It means finding untapped opportunities that only reveal themselves to those who dare look for them. It means staying ahead of the competition.

And a hunger to innovate ensures that, no matter what changes may come to technology or consumer behavior, your organization is prepared to adapt and grow.

Distilling Complex Information into Easy-to-Understand Content

Just as we encourage our clients to truly understand their market and do their homework, we spare no efforts in understanding you. We conduct in-depth interviews with your organization’s leadership, gathering the often-unspoken wisdom that informs your company’s brand. What we learn in these interviews, we apply to the marketing strategies that will truly connect to your customers and help build your brand.

 You may only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, if that. It’s vital that those few seconds consist of complex, intriguing ideas distilled down to a clear and concise format for quick consumption. Informed by everything we learn from your thought leaders, we craft the content that delivers quickly and starts building a connection immediately.

The Highest Quality Approach

As you can see, we tend to look at things a little deeper than most digital marketing agencies. You’ll often see the “spaghetti against the wall” technique, flooding every channel with forgettable content that never rises above the noise. Ours is a more targeted approached, one informed by psychology, buttressed by exhaustive research and elevated by passion for creating exceptional content.

Creating this content requires the utmost effort and diligence, but the results speak for themselves. You get out what you put in, and ideally what you get out of it is a high-quality relationship between consumers and brands. Whether creating content or relationships, our focus is on long-term growth, rather than the short-term gains that come with simply adding to the online chatter.

And breaking through that chatter is how you create sustainable growth. The better the content, the more the audience feels compelled to seek out more. Likewise, the better the relationship, the that your organization’s value can impact your audience. When your customers feel heard, when they begin to see your organization, your brand, as a positive connection, they become more than just customers, more than just an audience. They become a part of what you’re creating, adding to and building on your momentum.

Intuition and Creativity

The cornerstone of any brand’s growth needs to be creativity. More than simply artistic expression, true creativity comes from taking a fresh perspective to problems and challenges.  It comes from finding new solutions to problems, developing innovative strategies, and finding imaginative and inventive ways to grow and adapt to change. 

At Electric Lemonade, we manifest creativity in ways you’ve never imagined, helping your brand to stand out in a way that is not only impossible to ignore, but that cements your brand’s role as leaders in your industry and as a trusted voice for your customers. And that creativity helps us deliver impactful long-term results.

Electric Lemonade is a Long-term Investment Instead of An Expense

Any brand or organization that makes a short-term investment in their digital marketing can expect to see short-term results. But those who realize that true success comes from crafting long-term connections through exhaustively researched, creatively presented information, stories, and messaging across platforms come to us.

They come to use because they realize a long-term investment in digital marketing creates a loyal customer base, increases brand awareness, and ultimately drive more revenue over time. It’s not just a quick fix or a band-aid solution but rather a strategic approach to building and growing a brand that will endure.

About Us

Electric Lemonade’s mission is to harness the power of words and visuals, utilizing the transformative essence of storytelling and effective communication, to ignite positive, lasting change in the world. We are committed to crafting content that empowers, educates, and enriches the lives of our audiences, compelling them to take constructive action towards cultivating compassion, understanding, equanimity, and creating a brighter future for all.

At Electric Lemonade, we believe in the power of words and visuals to inspire positive change in the world. We believe effective communication and engaging storytelling can empower, educate and enrich an audience. More importantly, we believe it can steer them toward a long-term, enriching relationship with your brand.

We are a creative tribe of passionate, open-minded individuals on a mission to make the world a better place through the artful creation of impactful content. Professional writers, brand journalists, strategists, videographers, photographers, designers and project managers, we come together around a vision of empowering businesses to establish more profound connections with their audience. And we fulfill that vision with an experienced voice, deep well of knowledge and willingness to think beyond the noise.

From hands-on experience and training at Google, to leading the digital marketing department at AT&T, to writing for major media publications and magazines, to producing motion pictures and commercials for major brands, the staff at Electric Lemonade’s diverse, multilayered experience will help your brand or organization thrive.

The staff at Electric Lemonade includes:

• Award-winning writers and journalists that have previously worked at major media companies and been cited by major media sources like The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and other major notable media sources like CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox News and others.

• Award winning videographers and photographers that have worked with major brands like Vouge. Nike, and Rockport.

• Award winning web designers and web developers that are hyper focused on providing the absolute best user experience.
• A founder that established and led the digital marketing and search engine optimization department at AT&T prior to forming Electric Lemonade.

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