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Imagine, just for a moment, that your brand or organization has achieved its goals and objectives for the year. Growth and sales are up, you’ve managed to surpass your competition online, and your brand has become the authority and thought leader in its space. How would that feel? That’s a taste of Electric Lemonade.

Did you know that organic SEO-focused content marketing drives more growth and sales than any other form of online marketing that exists, outperforming both social media and pay-per-click advertising? This is what Electric Lemonade is known for and has been a thought leader in this space since 2003.

For over 20 years, Electric Lemonade has been in the relationship and trust building business online that help brands and organizations rise above the noise and their competition on Google through authoritative content marketing and search engine optimization at scale with an emphasis on quality over quantity for long lasting success. Electric Lemonade helps brands establish new relationships that are built on trust through clear and effective communication in the form of digital content that empowers, educates, and enriches the lives of your potential clients and customers.

In addition to providing the highest quality and most effective, SEO-focused content marketing, Electric Lemonade excels in crafting professional websites, engaging social media campaigns, professional-grade photography and videography, and Podcasts. Understanding that each client we work with has unique needs, we tailor everything they require into one all-inclusive fixed monthly fee.

Achieve your long-term goals and objectives by scheduling a discovery call with Electric Lemonade.

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Achieve Your Long-term Goals and Objectives

The Benefits of Working With Electric Lemonade

Increase Growth & Revenue From the Internet

Substantially grow your audience, followers, and revenue.

Build Trust & Confidence with Your Audience

Help your brand become a highly authoritative publisher and thought leader on Google and social media. We will help clarify your brand’s story, messaging, and content, so that you rise above the noise and your competitors

Improve Communication, Storytelling, and Engagement With Your Audience

Help your brand establish lasting trust and foster long-term relationships with your audience.

Our Elevator Pitch

Electric Lemonade is a full-service digital marketing agency. Through the power of effective communication and storytelling, our mission is to create invaluable content and user experiences that will engage audiences, establish trust, and increase long-term growth. Through transparency, open communication, and education, we help brands and organizations produce the majority of their revenue from Google and social media.

Example brands that Electric Lemonade has worked with or trained:

Case Studies

Our Philosophy

In today’s faced paced, digital world there is a competitive race to create the absolute highest quality content at scale.
Whether your brand is big or small, everyone is competing in the same space to create the best content to attract an audience and grow.

In order to rank well on Google or be seen on social media, your brand has to be a thought leader and authoritative digital publisher presenting the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

In many ways the same principles and best practices that go into publishing a best selling book should be applied to your brand’s website, social media channels, YouTube station, and Podcast. Schedule a discovery call with Electric Lemonade to learn how they can help your brand reach its long-term goals and objectives.


“We hold Electric Lemonade in the highest regard at Google. We consider them the “best in class” at what they do in regards to account performance along with the dedication they have for their clients.

As a matter of fact they are one of very few agencies in America that can reach us directly and have access to tools that most agencies do not have access to.”

Dan Contreras – Google

Manager, Account Strategist Team

“Electric Lemonade did an exceptional job training the Gulfstream digital marketing division.  Thank you!”

Jessica Reiling – Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Digital Marketing Director

“Wayne Shifflett was our knowledge expert on search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
He and his team are the go to folks for digital marketing.”

William Lott

Digital Advertising

“Thank you very much Electric Lemonade for taking the time out to educate my students.  Helping them make the connection from theory to practice is extremely important and could not be done without guests like you.”

Patrick Kelsey

Professor Patrick Kelsey

The Challenge You Are Facing

In this day and age, the most successful companies acquire nearly 100% of their new clients and customers directly from the Internet. The challenge for most companies is that they simply do not understand how the Internet works, nor do they have the time, staff, and resources to achieve long-term success online. The Internet has leveled the playing field, challenging mainstream media companies that used to control what we watched on television, heard on the radio, saw on billboards, or read in print publications. Today, the masses themselves are the media, every business or organization is a brand, and every brand functions as a media company. To help illustrate this concept, the explanations below describe what a brand is, what defines a media company, and the importance of attracting and retaining your audience (your potential clients and customers).

Your Brand and Media Company

A brand (or organization) is a collective group of people working together to fulfill a mission or purpose. Each brand possesses a unique personality, voice, beliefs, and characteristics, leading the general public to form associations and perceptions about it.

A media company is any organization that creates and distributes high-quality, engaging, and entertaining written, visual, and audio content across various platforms. In the past, newspapers, television, and radio owned the airwaves. Today, platforms like Google, YouTube, social media, and podcasts dominate the scene.
Your brand’s website and social media channels need to be found.

Your Audience (Your Potential Clients and Customers)

The only way for your brand and media company to thrive is by attracting an audience (your potential customers and clients). The audience you are trying to attract online is wise and knowledgeable, and they don’t appreciate being sold to. This audience primarily cares about their own interests and seeks a brand they can trust—a brand that is a true authority in its field. Such a trustworthy authority empowers and educates its audience, helping them overcome obstacles by providing valuable resources and solutions to life’s challenges. This authority takes complex information and distills it into a format understandable to the layperson, using analogies, metaphors, and short stories to clarify information. Continually evolving, this authority is always searching for new ways to offer more value than their competitors. They are authentic, humble, vulnerable, and human.

Clear Communication and Effective Content Creation

Potential clients and customers won’t engage with your brand unless you earn their trust through clear and effective communication using digital content. This content must resonate deeply with your audience. To produce exceptional content, your brand needs a well-defined strategy for digital marketing and advertising.

At Electric Lemonade, we specialize in building trust and fostering meaningful relationships. We cultivate human connections with your potential customers and clients through authoritative digital content creation, marketing, and advertising, all aimed at achieving long-term brand goals. Instead of merely selling, we employ skillful storytelling that engages, educates, and entertains your audience. Using streamlined processes, advanced systems, and creative talent, we challenge boundaries, break barriers, set new benchmarks, and disrupt the status quo. If these results align with your vision, let’s collaborate.

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