Social Media Marketing Agency

More than 80% of Americans use social media.

Marketing on social media lets you reach new customers and engage with the ones you already have. Whether you’re conversing directly with clients or driving new traffic to your website, using social media is an essential tool for building trust and loyalty in your brand.

The thing is, you don’t need to reach 80% of everyone in the U.S. or someone who lives a continent away. So how do you ensure you’re putting the right content in front of more people who matter to your bottom line?

Let Us Sweat the Details so You Don’t Have To

Electric Lemonade can help your organization create a social media content strategy by applying the same approach we use with our comprehensive content marketing service:

– Perform an audit of your social media presence

– Write an editorial mission statement specifically for social media

– Develop a persona

– Build and execute a strategy

This research-based approach lets us accurately mimic the personality of you and your organization—freeing you to take on more business.

What’s Involved in Social Media Management?

We’ll assess your audience to determine what social media accounts they use, how often they use them and what they use them for. Our research will guide:

  • What platforms will be most effective for your business or organization. Channels we support include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • What kind of content we post (such as blogs, videos, promotions, etc.)
  • The tone and style that reflect your persona and that your audience responds to
  • When to post content for the most return on your investment
  • Recommendations for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and targeted campaigns

Once your strategy is in place, we’ll also:

  • Monitor your accounts to engage with your clients, and listen for what is being said about you or your industry. That way, you can add your authoritative voice to the conversation.
  • Collect data and report on how your accounts are performing and use that information to make adjustments to your content strategy
  • For specific campaigns, we use tools such as A/B testing to understand what messages, images, etc., are getting the best results.

Finally, we will track and respond to ever-changing social media trends and how they affect your audience, industry, and individual business so you’ll never be left behind.

Wondering Where All This Leaves You?

While we’ll do most of the work, we can’t do it without you—and that’s a good thing. If you become an Electric Lemonade client, you’ll find out that we do a ton of research before we even think about the first social media post.

It’s your story. Our job is to help you tell it.

Choose What Works for You

Social media management is included in our full-service plans, but Electric Lemonade also provides an option for social media services only. In either case, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee that we’ll agree on based on your organization’s needs.

There’s no long-term contract, because we don’t believe that’s the best way to serve our clients.

Learn More With a Free Audit

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