Refreshing Things People Say About Electric Lemonade

At Electric Lemonade, we believe that what others say about us is much more important than what we say about ourselves. Please read through example testimonials below.

“We hold Electric Lemonade in the highest regard at Google. We consider them the “best in class” at what they do in regards to account performance along with the dedication they have for their clients.

As a matter of fact they are one of very few agencies in America that can reach us directly and have access to tools that most agencies do not have access to.”

Dan Contreras – Google
Manager, Account Strategist Team

“Electric Lemonade did an exceptional job training the Gulfstream digital marketing division. Thank you!”

Jessica Reiling
Digital Marketing Director – Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

I came into the web business many years ago, and for a period of time, for several years, dominated my market. But I let the sites just sit there and didn’t change them, and then one day woke up and realized I had fallen way behind. I went with another firm, and they managed to mess it up even worse. Then I was fortunate enough to meet the people with Electric Lemonade, and it has changed. I was impatient. They were kind enough to guide me along, slow and steady. They kept holding my hand and telling me it would work, just give them time. They wanted to do it right. They wanted to do it where it would last. And it is. I’m back at the top of my market, and we are continually working to stay there and stay even stronger. They’re coming up with innovative ideas. They’re staying ahead of the game—that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m hesitant to recommend them so highly because I’m afraid somebody else will take them and compete against me, but other than that, I think Electric Lemonade has done a phenomenal job, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Bruce Edge

“Thank you very much Electric Lemonade for taking the time out to educate my students.  Helping them make the connection from theory to practice is extremely important and could not be done without guests like you.”

Professor Patrick Kelsey

“Electric Lemonade far exceeded our expectations.  Their extensive experience and attention to details is unmatched.”

– Suzanne Marie Simpson 

IBM/Rational Consultant

Wayne and his team

“Wayne was our knowledge expert on search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
He and his team are the go to folks for digital marketing.”

William Lott

I’ve used many different SEO and web design “experts” over my 20+ years of practice and have wasted gobs of money. I started with Electric Lemonade almost 10 years ago, and during this entire time they have continued to keep my business relevant on the internet, meaning thanks to Electric Lemonade, my business has survived everything Google has thrown at us. This is no small feat! I highly recommend Electric Lemonade.

Patrick Barone

Electric Lemonade performed organic SEO to our website and managed our Google Adwords account. Our website has seen a substantial increase in traffic and donations from these efforts.

The Creative Coast Staff

Many thanks to Electric Lemonade for helping us bring in a new e-commerce team and digital content strategy.”

Mark Haney
– CFO at Savannah Bee

Before I found Electric Lemonade I wasted a lot of money on web ads and search engine optimization that did not work at a cost of over $100,000 a year. For a small company with less than 10 employees, that was a huge chunk of the budget. With Electric Lemonade, my costs are down and leads are up. Electric Lemonade is more than merely responsive, they let ME know BEFORE something is about to change in SEO, and they keep me at the threshold of changes so that we are constantly on the cutting edge. For example, over a year ago, they saw the trend toward making websites viewable to people searching for lawyers on cell phones and made our websites cell phone-compatible. This is just one example of the forward thinking of Electric Lemonade. They respond to my calls and emails within minutes, and they keep me ranking high so that I don’t worry about it anymore. Knowing that they are ever vigilant gives me peace of mind and lets me focus on my real work–helping my clients.

Linda Callahan

Our firm had Electric Lemonade completely redesign our website and we could not be happier. They also took over all of our online marketing and for a small firm like ours they are a perfect fit. They give great trustworthy guidance in the tumultuous and often confusing field of online marketing, they create content that makes us look polished and professional, and they are always happy to answer any questions we have.

Robert Wadkins Jr.

Peachtree Pest Control strives quality everyday. We see that same in the services provided by Electric Lemonade! The design and content building of our site has been incredible. We have seen a marked improvement in each. We enjoy working on the creative content with them and the talent they provide to us is exceptional. I would highly recommend them to other companies!

Jimmy Arnold

Electric Lemonade is responsible for all of our Internet referrals and website. I get complements on a daily basis about our website content and story. Thanks to them I can focus on my clinic and not my online marketing.

Dr. Jo Ellen Hassan

We are very grateful for all of the hard work and dedicated efforts from the staff at Electric Lemonade.

Chatham County CASA Staff

I have worked on 2 projects with the Electric Lemonade team. They are well versed in digital marketing and exceptional editors, writers, and website designers. Their customer service has been nothing less than extraordinary! I honestly cannot recommend them enough!

Mark Garner – Saraz Handpans

The new website that Electric Lemonade created for my business is gorgeous, easy to navigate and well designed. Easy navigation on mobile devices makes it a breeze for my clients on the go to get information and directions to my office. The website looks sharp, uncluttered and professionally designed by professionals. During the design process, every detail that I wanted was recorded and came out perfectly by the design team. The web designer I worked with catered to my needs and was very fast to respond to any changes I wanted to make during the design process and currently when I want to add content to the website. I highly recommend Electric Lemonade to anyone needing a professionally designed website.

Dr. Shaine A. Cararas

We were looking for a company that could help us renew the look and functionality of our site, and wanted a company that would take the time to learn about us, our clients, and our objectives for the site. They took the time to learn all three. Their recommendations were specific, informed, and spot-on. The end results were significant enhancements to the look and functionality compared to what we had previously. I would recommend them highly.

David Harper – Managing Principal at ‎The Advisory Alliance