Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream Aerospace

“Electric Lemonade did an exceptional job training the Gulfstream digital marketing division. Thank you!”

– Jessica Reiling – Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Digital Marketing Director

Gulfstream Aerospace is the authority when it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced business jets in the world.

The Challenge

The Gulfstream digital marketing team wanted to better understand how their websites could be most effective to new and existing customers.

Electric Lemonade was invited to provide an outside audit of and to better understand how the websites could be optimized for customers and for search engine like Google.

The Solution

Electric Lemonade’s team performed in in-depth audit of the websites. This included analyzing the website structure, user interface, user experience, and content.

In addition to this audit, the leadership at Electric Lemonade was invited to teach a training workshop for the entire Gulfstream digital marketing department to learn and apply a unique way of problem solving that is unlike the normal way humans make decisions.  The training conducted was called the Six Thinking Hats.

Six Thinking Hats is a unique methodology of investigating an issue or problem from a variety of perspectives.  This includes hypothetically wearing different hats to consider many different points of view instead of going with our default emotions. It was originally created by Edward de Bono, a well-known author and psychologist that helped major corporations and government agencies with new problem-solving tactics.


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