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Significant Six Figure Return on Investment for Seattle Firm

Summary of Results

Through strategic initiatives, an established law firm in Seattle successfully reduced spending and increased revenue by millions. A highly effective content marketing and search engine optimization campaign yielded extraordinary outcomes, with a staggering 2,400% surge in inbound organic search engine leads from Google. This influx of leads translated into generating millions of dollars in revenue over the course of many years. Rather than employing traditional sales tactics, the firm adopted a new approach of empowering and educating clients through written content, podcasts, and videos.


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The Challenge

One of Washington State’s most esteemed legal authors and attorneys approached Electric Lemonade with a specific goal in mind: to reduce marketing expenses while simultaneously boosting revenue. Their objective was to attract a larger number of paying legal clients directly from Google’s organic search results. Despite having engaged one of the most costly legal marketing companies to handle their SEO and digital marketing, the return on investment proved inadequate. Consequently, the firm recognized the need to start afresh, seeking an agency with profound expertise and insights in the realm of legal marketing with a strategy that proved to work.


The Solution

Recognizing that this firm’s existing website fell short of industry standards and failed to attract clients, Electric Lemonade made the strategic decision to rebuild their digital marketing campaign from the ground up. This ambitious undertaking encompassed the creation of fresh foundational content that aimed to empower, educate, and assist users by addressing their pain points, showing empathy, and guiding them towards potential solutions. Furthermore, they embarked on the development of a new website meticulously tailored to cater to user needs. The objective was to establish this website as a reliable and authoritative source in the eyes of Google. As the new website gradually gained recognition for its authoritative status, the Electric Lemonade team further enhanced its appeal by incorporating valuable visual enhancements such as charts, graphs, infographics, videos, and podcasts. These additional features played a pivotal role in propelling the firm to surpassing their original goals and objectives.

The Results

Over the span of several years, Electric Lemonade played a vital role in facilitating the remarkable success of this law firm, resulting in revenue generation of millions of dollars and an outstanding return on investment exceeding 3,233 ROI. The transformative element of this case study was the strategic shift from traditional advertising to a client-centric approach focused on empathy and assistance. In today’s competitive landscape, building trust with potential clients requires meeting them at their unique needs and empathizing with their specific challenges. Through active listening, empowering resources, educational content, and offering potential solutions while instilling optimism for favorable outcomes, the law firm established a profound connection with new prospects, ultimately leading to exceptional achievements.

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