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Six-Figure Growth Annually for Virginia Firm

Summary of Results

With a potent mix of content marketing and search engine optimization, a highly esteemed Virginia criminal defense law firm consistently achieved six-figure growth year after year with average user duration across the entire website between 4-5 minutes.

By embracing an innovative and efficient digital marketing approach, the firm prioritized client empowerment and education. This was achieved through the crafting of authoritative content strategies that included visual infographics, podcasts, and videos.


Organic inbound marketing via Google


Organic search engine optimization

Website Design & Development


Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Visitor Duration in Minutes

6 Figures

ROI of 6 figures annually

The Challenge

A highly respected criminal defense legal book author from Virginia approached Electric Lemonade. Their ambition was clear: enhance visibility on Google for particular criminal offenses. The ultimate goal was to draw a larger clientele from Google’s organic search. Even after unsuccessful attempts with their in-house digital marketing team, they recognized the need for a seasoned legal marketing agency to secure the long-term outcomes they aspired for.


The Solution

Observing the gaps in the firm’s existing website and content in relation to Google’s standards, Electric Lemonade initiated a comprehensive overhaul from the ground up. This bold move involved extensive research and creation of brand new, premium content from scratch. The content was designed to resonate with clients – addressing their concerns, showcasing empathy, and guiding them towards potential solutions with example case wins. Concurrently, they began development of a revamped website, meticulously designed to meet the demand of mobile users. The aim was for the site to emerge as a trusted beacon in Google’s perspective. As the site began to garner acclaim for its authoritative stance, Electric Lemonade augmented its charm by integrating engaging visual elements, such as diagrams, infographics, videos, and podcasts, adding layers to its appeal.

The Results

Over the course of nearly a decade, Electric Lemonade’s contributions were instrumental in catapulting the law firm to unparalleled success, translating into unsurpassed expectations. In the competitive legal realm, establishing rapport with potential clients hinges on understanding their unique needs and resonating with the challenges that they are going through.

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