I came into the web business many years ago, and for a period of time, for several years, dominated my market. But I let the sites just sit there and didn’t change them, and then one day woke up and realized I had fallen way behind. I went with another firm, and they managed to mess it up even worse. Then I was fortunate enough to meet the people with Electric Lemonade, and it has changed. I was impatient. They were kind enough to guide me along, slow and steady. They kept holding my hand and telling me it would work, just give them time. They wanted to do it right. They wanted to do it where it would last. And it is. I’m back at the top of my market, and we are continually working to stay there and stay even stronger. They’re coming up with innovative ideas. They’re staying ahead of the game—that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m hesitant to recommend them so highly because I’m afraid somebody else will take them and compete against me, but other than that, I think Electric Lemonade has done a phenomenal job, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Bruce Edge
Electric Lemonade is responsible for all of our Internet referrals and website. I get complements on a daily basis about our website content and story. Thanks to them I can focus on my clinic and not my online marketing.
Dr. Jo Ellen Hassan
When I first started my law firm a few years ago, I hired Electric Lemonade to handle my legal marketing. I had previously used Yellow Pages and other ads to try and get new business, but none of these paid off. Electric Lemonade grew my business more than anything else that I had previously tried. They continuously helped me stay on top of my legal marketing by producing new content and educating prospective clients. I have recommended them to many of my peers, and I will continue to recommend them in the future.
William J. Turner, ESQ.
My firm’s success online is due to the expertise at Electric Lemonade.
Andrew G. Simpson, Esq.
We are very grateful for all of the hard work and dedicated efforts from the staff at Electric Lemonade.
Chatham County CASA Staff
We experienced a 45% increase in business in the past 12 months thanks to Electric Lemonade. My staff and I never expected this type of growth and I am very thankful.
John Crabb
I’ve used many different SEO and web design “experts” over my 20+ years of practice and have wasted gobs of money. I started with Electric Lemonade almost 10 years ago, and during this entire time they have continued to keep my business relevant on the internet, meaning thanks to Electric Lemonade, my business has survived everything Google has thrown at us. This is no small feat! I highly recommend Electric Lemonade.
Patrick Barone