Erik Brown | Strategy Analyst

Supporting Electric Lemonade

Erik Brown has been a Senior Web Developer at Electric Lemonade since 2005.  He also specializes in onsite SEO, PPC campaign development, print design, domain management, and link building for off-page optimization purposes.

Erik graduated with an Associate Degree in 3D Computer Animation at the Art Institute of Atlanta in September 1998 and made the Dean’s List during the Winter Quarter that same year.

Dot-Com Boom

While working on his degree, Erik learned how to use Photoshop and utilized this skill set for his first job in the field at a company called, an e-commerce startup company established during the .com boom in the late 90’s.  He also enjoyed performing image clean up and optimization on the online items that were up for sale on the website.  Soon, he was offered a position as a website designer at AT&T, an online directory for small and medium sized businesses that also offered web site development services for advertisers. After only two days of initial training, Erik designed and a built a three-page website to get the job and a new career was born.

During the five years he was at AT&T, Erik specialized in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and many other web development software types. He also had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Shifflett, the founder of Electric Lemonade. They bonded immediately and have been good friends ever since.

Growing the Company

Wayne recruited Erik to join Electric Lemonade in 2005 and taught him the all about the emerging field of search engine optimization (SEO).  This new skill set fit well with website design and development, and Erik assisted Wayne in growing the company.

In his free time Erik enjoys working out and helping others with their fitness and nutrition goals.  He completed the Personal Trainer Certificate Program at Kennesaw State University and passed the American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exam. Erik has also extensively studied non-violent communication (NVC), an approach to compassionate living that emphasizes effective communication. He has shared much of what he has learned with the team at Electric Lemonade, helping all of us become better communicators.