IBM/Rational Software

Creation of IBM Rational Users’ Group Website and Application


“Electric Lemonade far exceeded our expectations.  Their extensive experience and attention to details is unmatched.”

– Suzanne S

IBM is pioneer in developing the most advanced and sophisticated hardware systems, software applications, and artificial intelligence technologies like Watson. Part of the IMB suite of tools is their Rational software, which provides integrated solutions for software lifecycle development.


Electric Lemonade was recruited to create an IBM Rational users’ group website to provide tools, resources, wisdom and insight for entrepreneurs, startups, programmers, developers, consultants, and other technology experts. This new users’ group website and application served as a repository of educational and empowering information to assist information technology professionals solve complex problems and connect with other professionals with similar interests.  It also served as a hub to attend live events, connect with peers, and share information.

The Challenge

Many entrepreneurs, startups, programmers, developers, and technology professionals in the software development space were having trouble finding a place online to learn new skills, gain insight, share programming code, tools, and meet likeminded professionals that use IMB’s suite of software and hardware solutions. There was a need for an online resource in to host meetups, conferences, and collaboration.

The Solution

The Electric Lemonade staff developed a user’s group website from the ground up.  This included performing extensive content research by administering smaller focus groups, interviewing experts, and devising a digital marketing strategy a very large library of information.  Next, the website content was distilled and an editorial mission and persona was devised before the website content was drafted and published.  Finally, the website was constructed and optimized with a focus on usability and accessibility for different audiences.  Part of the website included a repository of tools, scripts, and downloads, and a newsletter.

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