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High 6 Figure Return – Year Over Year for Michigan Firm

Summary of Results

A highly successful organic campaign achieved a remarkable 900% increase in inbound organic search engine leads from Google. With a strategic focus on educating and empowering potential clients through the highest quality and most authoritative content, visitor durations averaged 3-5 minutes, further driving engagement and success.


Organic inbound marketing via Google


Organic search engine optimization

Website Design & Development


Increase in Organic Traffic


Minute Visitor Average

6 Figures

In new Revenue Generated Year Over Year

The Challenge

One of Michigan’s most renowned criminal defense law firms approached Electric Lemonade through a referral from another firm in the same field. Their aim was to generate a higher number of paying criminal defense clients directly from the organic search results in Google, and they sought assistance from Electric Lemonade to achieve this goal. This firm tried to perform their own online marketing in the past, but it failed to produce clients and achieve a favorable return on investment each month.


The Solution

The law firm in question had a simple website with minimal content, necessitating Electric Lemonade to completely rebuild their digital marketing campaign from scratch. This involved creating a new website and developing foundational content that would be considered highly authoritative by Google and thus receive favorable rankings. Once the new website and authoritative content were published, along with helpful infographics, video content, and Podcasts, Electric Lemonade commenced promoting the website, resulting in a remarkable increase of over 900% in inbound organic search engine optimization leads from Google.

The Results

Over a span of many years, Electric Lemonade played a pivotal role in helping this law firm achieve their goals and objectives. The most effective aspect of this campaign was its emphasis on educating and empowering potential criminal defense clients. The campaign provided valuable video content and podcasts, which proved instrumental in engaging and assisting the target audience.

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