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Digital Marketing for a Military Defense Law Firm

Summary of Results

A military defense law firm executed an exceptionally successful organic campaign, yielding a remarkable 1,400% surge in inbound organic search engine leads from Google. This achievement was driven by a strategic focus on creating informative and empowering content tailored to potential military law clients. Consequently, the average visitor spent 3-8 minutes on the website, greatly enhancing engagement and overall success. This effort also solidified their status as thought leaders and authorities on Google and YouTube in the field of military laws.


Organic inbound marketing via Google


Organic search engine optimization

Website Design & Development


Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Visitor Duration in Minutes

High ROI

High ROI Each Year

The Challenge

One of the most renowned military law attorneys approached Electric Lemonade via a referral in the legal space. Having transitioned from a military prosecutor to a legal advocate for service members, his mission was to establish authority on Google by educating and empowering individuals from various service branches (army, navy, marines) about their rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Seeking assistance from Electric Lemonade, this firm already had a website designer in place and was specifically in need of the expertise the agency offered in organic search engine optimization, content marketing, and YouTube strategies.


The Solution

As the military defense attorney already had a website design in place but lacked content, the Electric Lemonade team initiated an in-depth research process to understand the target audience and identify topics of interest for individuals facing military-related charges. From there, they developed a comprehensive organic SEO campaign from scratch, encompassing content strategy, content creation, and website optimization. Concurrently, Electric Lemonade conducted interviews with the client to extract valuable information, subsequently transforming it into written and video content. As the new website gained authority on Google, visual content such as informative charts, diagrams, and videos was seamlessly integrated to enhance user comprehension of military law-related information.

The Results

Electric Lemonade played a pivotal role in propelling the law firm to remarkable success by achieving extremely high rankings on Google for fiercely competitive search terms and topics. This achievement not only attracted numerous paying clients but also established the law firm as a prominent authority in the field. As the firm continued to thrive, they expanded their team by bringing onboard additional attorneys, solidifying their position as thought leaders in the realm of military law.

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