Savannah Bee Co.


Increase in Website Traffic


 Increase in Online Sales


Increase In Conversions

Increased Sales and Expansion of Savannah Bee Co.


  • Over 2,560% Increase in Website Traffic
  • 50% Increase in Online Sales

After conducting a rigorous audit of the website and existing digital marketing campaigns, the Electric Lemonade staff distilled their findings into action items.
Savannah Bee began implementing these recommendations, which immediately enhanced the current user experience and helped increase online conversion and sales.

A new website outline, content marketing strategy, and e-commerce team have also been assembled to set up the Savannah Bee Company for continued success in the years to come.

Monthly Traffic Increase Over the Years

The Challenge

While Savannah Bee Company was expanding into many new retail locations throughout the country and substantially growing its customer base, the existing e-commerce website was not engaging and converting website visitors at the rate they wished. The website design was also dated and needed some fresh ideas and perspective. In addition, Savannah Bee’s digital marketing strategy was not effective and they needed guidance and recommendations from an outside agency.

The Solution

Before performing an in-depth audit, the Electric Lemonade staff conducted preliminary one-on-one interviews with the staff at Savannah Bee to understand their immediate needs:

  1. Improve and increase the web presence for Savannah Bee and their brand awareness
  2. Improve the mobile, tablet, and desktop user experience and increase sales through conversion rate optimization on their existing website.
  3. Create a new content marketing strategy and improve their SEO efforts

After identifying these needs, the Electric Lemonade staff performed the following tasks, which were part of an in-depth audit of the Savannah Bee website and their existing digital marketing strategy:

  • Analyzed the existing ecommerce platform and performance
  • Analyzed the website content, website structure, performance, and usability
  • Assessed the existing website and blog content
  • Assessed e-mail marketing campaign and performance
  • Assessed the existing Google Adwords/Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads digital marketing campaigns
  • Assessed the reputation for Savannah Bee across the web.
  • Brought in a team of e-commerce developers and start working on a brand new website and e-commerce platform for

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